Welcome Fall

img_3234 The leaves are changing and fall smells are in the air. I love those smells, the smoke from our chimney, cool crisp air in the morning, although according to my husband lighting the wood-stove is not aloud until after Thanksgiving! All the canning is complete for the season from our garden and our once busy town is almost back to the quiet season which is bitter sweet for sure.    Our horses are quite happy with the cooler weather and that has given me the opportunity to get out for a couple rides which I have missed. Realestate has slowed a bit from the rush of summer in cottage country.
The fall market in realestate is a bit unconventional in our area so I have been told, but we seem to be busy still with some new listings coming and still have buyers looking. Thinking its a good time to sell, or maybe buy? I would love the opportunity to go over any questions you may have to help you to make that important decision.
Happy Fall Everyone

Are you wanting to relocate? Are you wanting to sell your home?

Making that move to sell your home can be challenging and everything you hear about real estate nowadays can be quite intimidating and scary. What if I could have gotten more for my house? What if I should have waited for a better market? Where will I move to? What is the area like that I am interested in moving to? Are their supports out there for my family and I, if we decide to move? I can help you with all of  these questions so that you can make your decision.
As a realtor it is my job to make sure I give you the facts and in as simple and plane of a language as I can so that you can understand your options and make the decision that is best for you at the end of it. I’m not going anywhere, so whether you decide to sell or buy that new cottage or home now or later that is absolutely okay with me, I just want you to feel like that was the right decision with no regrets.  Trust me when I say that when you do make that decision to move forward with either looking for real estate as an investment or sell your real estate I will do everything in my power to make sure I push to fulfill your expectations.

I love what I do, I live where I do it and I am not afraid of a challenge or hard work. Everything that I have learned in my life this far is from mistakes, challenges and listening to the most important factor………you! Give me a chance and I will do my absolute best not to disappoint you, but to change the way you view your local realtor.

Summer has come to an end in Apsley

Our beautiful little town is less busy these last few weeks with children going back to school and all the vacationers headed home. It’s always a bittersweet time of year for me when September rolls around. Saying goodbye to the warm weather, canoeing, swimming, biking, camping and also to those familiar faces that we have gotten to know each cottage season. I made several new acquaintances this year as well as new friends and looking forward to visiting next summer when they are back up to their cottages.
Living near the Apsley area my whole life, I have learned to appreciate the busy summer time as well as the quiet fall and winter. Now we are gearing up for Thanksgiving and the quieter season to follow.
I just want to send out a huge thank you to all the clients that I have gotten to know this summer, who placed their trust in me and also Bowes & Cocks Ltd Brokerage to find them their new homes/cottages. It really was an honour to be able to work with you all and I look forward to the new faces I will meet in this business.

Beautiful Day looking at waterfront properties on Farquhar Lake

What a beautiful day out on Farquhar Lake near Wilberforce Ontario what I saw of this lake was clear water and a rocky shoreline which boasted of amazing fishing, canoeing, paddle boarding and boating.
There were fish right near shore at the cottage we were looking at today, and what a great view across the bay. Farquhar Lake is a decent size and close to Wilberforce, Harcourt and about 30 min to Bancroft. Check out the waterfront properties for sale on this lake the next time you are in the area.

Looking at property on Jack’s Lake in Apsley, Ontario

What a beautiful day to be out looking at Property on Jack’s Lake in Apsley, Ontario. This lake has such character and variety in its shoreline and views. Jack’s Lake has two marinas, Anchorage Maria and Forest Glen Marina as well as a public boat launch. You would love this lake and all the beauty that surrounds it.

IMG_3091 IMG_3093

Out on Chandos Lake

What a beautiful day to be out looking at property on Chandos Lake near Apsley Ontario.  The lake is sort of in the shape of a reversed L with three main bays, West Bay, South Bay and Gilmour’s Bay.
Chandos Lake is in the Atlantic watershed and is fed by springs. It drains from its North end into Flat Creek, which flows into Paudash Lake, thence to the Crowe River, the Trent River and Lake Ontario. Chandos is the largest lake in the Crowe River watershed.
At its deepest, Chandos Lake is about 48 meters. It was originally called Mongosogan and is lined with some 1200 cottages. The lake has 3 marinas and a public beach and is close to Apsley, Glen Alda and Lasswade.

Let me know if you are interested in seeing property on this beautiful lake in the Kawartha’s you won’t be disappointed.

Out showing Acreage

Out Showing 553 acre listing on Concession 4 in Apsley. What a beauty day to be out on the four-wheeler’s looking at acreage. Soaking up what is left of the summer with some great clients. Being a realtor in the Kawartha’s has its perks for sure! What realtor do you know that will show up with a truck and trailer and take you on a 4 hour tour? This one will, right here.

The Warsaw Caves

Spent some time around Stoney Lake / Warsaw area this past week with my two nieces. We went to the Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and Campground which takes its name from a series of seven caves found in the park. The caves were formed thousands of years ago at the end of the last ice age by the rushing melt waters of a glacier that covered Ontario. All you need is a flashlight or headlamp to enjoy the natural underground jungle gym. You can spend a couple hours or all day exploring the caves, trails, kettles, yes I said “Kettles”. They are so interesting and what a learning experience for the girls as to how they are made. I wont go into great detail about them so you can find out for yourself, but if you are ever in the area of Stoney lake, check out the Warsaw Caves.


Looking for a good restaurant on Stoney Lake?

Just came home from dinner at the Stoney Lake Market and Grill, where we enjoyed a drink on the patio, even in the rain! What great spot so unique to this area with an outdoor patio, ice cream store, clothing and even furniture upstairs. Luipa Clothing line is new this year I believe and I have already spotted a few items I am eager to get. They have beautiful handmade mugs and so much more! Not just a place to eat but you can pick up a gift if you are visiting friends for the weekend or if you just want to take a keepsake home. CHECK IT OUT! The Stoney Lake Market and Grill is a must if you are in the area or on the water.

Summer Time in the Kawartha’s

Beautiful View from private 553 acres just 4 min north of Aplsey.

Beautiful View from private 553 acres just 4 min north of Apsley.

Hi Everyone,

Well it is summer time in the Kawartha’s and things are busy. We have some great waterfront properties that just hit MLS with amazing views, clear water, great shoreline and town is just minuets away! You could enjoy the loon’s as they call back and forth to each other on Jack’s Lake (also known as Jack Lake) while enjoying a good book or having your morning coffee on the dock. There is a beautiful sandy beach on Chandos Lake you could enjoy with friends or family while out boating, just stop and toss the anchor. Stoney Lake (also known as Stony Lake) has a few lovely patio restaurants with amazing food and service, what a great way to start your day on the water or end it with some familiar faces at the Stoney Lake Market. Whatever it is that you are interested in, the Lakes in the Kawartha’s has it all! Come for a visit, I would love to show you around and who knows, you may just fall in love along the way.

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